During 2007 and 2008, Debbie Lundberg became the published author of "Have a Nice Day" is Not "Thank You", and "No Problem" is Not "You're Welcome" as well as "I Need" is Not "Please", and "Sorry" is Not "Excuse Me" and "Maybe" is Not "Yes" or "No", and "I'm Trying" is Not "I'm Doing".  Debbie's 2009 collaboration with Todd Josko, Hey, Where's My Bailout? became an instant buzz at companies, and for individuals alike.  Her 2010 publication, Lundbergisms...Simple Considerations for Life & Leadership, serves as a compilation of Debbie's quotable concepts in a quick, inspirational format.  In early 2011 Presenting Powerfully was published to assist readers in harnessing the 6 parts to empowering presentations.  Late in the year, on Black Friday, Debbie's book Reversing the Slobification of America, was available for students, team players, leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to improve their effective communication, professional behaviors and thriving relationships!  Thank you to the Tampa Bay Times and Ernest Hooper, for the article regarding it (click here to read the article). 2013 brought out two new publications More Lundbergisms and Leading Without Losing Your Femininity, while her first three books were retired. A 2017 book, Beyond Networking 101...101 Dos and Don'ts to Move from Card Collecting to Truly Connecting, was released in November!
Debbie founded the Leading Ladies of Learning, a group that registered annually for quarterly group workshops and additional mixers and engagements.  The brand of the dynamic, and growing group is "Where learning and laughter combine to form friendships & well-serving habits", and now, after a decade, the LLoL Alumni Group has a strong network!  

Debbie currently serves as a Governor for the Board of The Centre Club, is a board member for the Special Need Family Hour, serves as a Miss Tampa Board Member, and a Miss America Scholarship Program Judge, is part of Leadership Tampa 2013's Alumni Class, as well as holds the wonderful honor of being a Board of Director for the  Honorary Commanders of MacDill Air Force Base's 927th Air Refueling Wing!

She was previously a Big Sister for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, served The University of Tampa's Board of Fellows and The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Board member. As a former Board Member, she still remains an active alumnus in the University of Michigan Alumni Association. Additionally, Debbie is both honored by and proud of her continued participation since 2002 as a Leadership Coach for the MBA Program at the University of Tampa. FOX television in Tampa featured Debbie for her creation of Exchange-O-Rama, an organization for people to get together periodically with their gently used clothes, shoes, home goods, etc., and trade one another…with the remaining items going to various charities throughout Tampa Bay. Debbie was a 3-year contributing writer for “Living Organic News”, where she had a monthly featured segment called “Outside Your Garden Box...Growing You”, which enabled Debbie to offer all readers leadership and training ideas in concerts with a empowering perspectives.  Debbie has enjoyed being a contributor on Tampa's CBS and Orlando's Fox stations as a Life Coach and expert for inside-out makeovers and other stories about organization, positive self-talk, leading self and others, balance careers and family, as well as time and stress management.  

Debbie works with individuals and groups from 2 to 1,000 or more.  Additionally, you may read Debbie's responses to write in questions in her columns and web-links on some of her clients' websites for their companies.  In two very different setting, Debbie served as both the Chair of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Prevention Study (CPS-3), and continues as a Faculty member at the University of South Florida, where she is a co-instructor of the year, facilitating six courses across all three campuses.

During the course of her career, Debbie Lundberg has earned the reputation for providing direct and relevant partnering as a confidant, coach, and expert on focus, commitment & growth. Debbie shares insights on corporate leadership, positioning, and team building in her service as a Leadership Coach, a Subconscious Restructuring™ Life Coach (SRLC), and a National Speakers Association (NSA) member. 

Debbie develops tailored offerings for people to take ownership, create the personal and professional lives they aspire to have, and engage in the "Reversing the Slobification of America"™ in the areas of effective communication, professional behaviors, and thriving relationships.  She comes to clients with evidence of her experience, perspective, partnership, delivery, "edutainment", accountability, results, and "moxumility".

Debbie and Michael Lundberg, with their 4-legged "dogsters", Lexi and Daisy, currently reside in Tampa, FL, and Debbie considers it a privilege to assist clients throughout The United States of America.

As a former Instructor of the Year for a world-renown training organization, her 12-year affiliation with a recognized leader in training and organizational development adds depth and breadth to her offerings...and was the beginning of the development of Debbie as an "Edutainer" - someone who effectively educates and entertains simultaneously!

All of Debbie's interests and efforts are directed at reinforcing the possibility and reality of "Reversing the Slobification of America"™...including everything from how people see and present themselves, their attitudes, communication, language, outlook and expectations.  Debbie firmly believes that with the right tools and focus, a healthy, harmonized, considerate, result-oriented life worth living is not only possible...it is probable!

Each person has a brand, and Debbie works with clients through her copyrighted, proven LUND Personality Assessment and her brand process to assist them in identifying it, owning it and sharing it with others for ownership and accountability.

Debbie earned an under-graduate degree at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Edgewood College in Madison, WI.

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