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It's all about "Reversing the Slobification of America"™!
Sometimes that means one presenter, one talk, one audience at a time through:

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Debbie Lundberg Presentation Coaching Inquiry 

Executive Presence Coaching is individual coaching that combines your brand with your message, your presentation skills, and your style/image, as Debbie is a Presentation Coach and Certified Image Consultant.

Join Debbie for the next Presenting Powerfully:  
A Course for Increasing Presentation Confidence, Effectiveness and Prowess
Courses are schedule once a week 3 weeks during a month from 7:05 PM - 9:35 PM.
When 3 people are interested, and agree to a date, the course is announced publicly to add up to 3 more.

Public Speaking & Presentation Coaching - 813.494.4438

The presentation coaching is customized, and begins with the base of Debbie's 6th book, Presenting Powerfully ...Ideas, Outcomes & Actions for Empowering Presentations.

  1. The Purposes of Speaking Publicly/Presenting
  2. Six Parts of an Effective Presentation
  3. Presentation Mistakes to Avoid 
  4. Presentation Preparedness (Including Technology)
  5. Being the King/Queen of Your Content
  6. The Art of Introductions
  7. Owning Your Presentation Style 
  8. Audience Engagement & Handling Questions
  9. Asking for the Business/Buy-In
  10. The Presentation After the Presentation

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