Kindness is a leadership trait, and leadership is a kindness trait!

Debbie believes, knows, and lives being KIND:

K - Know thyself

I - Include others sincerely

N - Nudge past "nice"

D - Do something bigger than yourself

Her "Share Your Spare" story is included in the Amazon Bestseller, LIVING KINDLY!

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"Partnering with individuals & organizations to enhance communication, behaviors & relationships."

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Kelly Flannery: Thank you, Debbie, for facilitating our 2019 Board Retreat. We had the highest level of engagement and participation we have ever had. Our board members stayed focused on the business at hand, while also having fun! We left our meeting feeling inspired and empowered to take on the new year! 
~Kelly Flannery, President & CEO, South Tampa Chamber

Rebekah Nault: After attending the Book launch for, "Beyond Networking 101", I immediately reached out to Debbie for a consult because I loved her energy and message. Even though we are close to the same age I kept thinking, "I want to be her when I grow up". I am very confident in our service offerings and have a vast knowledge of the industry I work in. However, I was experiencing a stumbling block on how to best convey our services to clients without being too technical. Debbie sat down with me, listened to me, and then knocked it out of the park. I am very excited to start using her suggestions and look forward to future collaboration! 
~Rebekah Nault, Account Manager at PBX-Change

​Lynda Remund: Debbie demonstrates the leadership and ability to foster thought, position strategies, and facilitate conversation and ideas that lead to results. 
~Lynda Remund, CEO & President, Tampa Downtown Partnership

Bruce Tuftie:  Debbie led our group through a very comprehensive day of learning about how we build an organization of trust. We gained insight and knowledge to take back to our company with the confidence we will achieve our goals.
~Bruce Tuftie, Vice President, CAE

​Connie Gage: Debbie was an incredible training leader for our board retreat! Her level of professionalism, ability to engage the members throughout the morning, the team-building exercise were spot on! We had many things to take away from this event and to hold each other accountable for the upcoming year to make sure we do our best to complete our objectives. 
~ Connie Gage, South Tampa Chamber 2019 Chair of the Board

Tina Dallas:  I was blessed enough to receive a gift of three Life/Business Coaching sessions with Debbie Lundberg.  Oh, what a gift!  My goal in working with Debbie was to become more confident and obtain a better paying position with growth opportunity at a solid company. Mind you, I worked for the same company for 20+ years and the thought of being interviewed was terrifying!  Debbie not only helped me create my resume, she also equipped me with the tools I needed to successfully interview with confidence.  Within just a couple of weeks of my last coaching session with Debbie, a company contacted me for an interview...not just any company, but a company that was voted #1 by its employees in the local area.  The interview process was grueling - 5 interviews, 3 of those with a panel.  I was hired within one month of my first interview...and with a very nice pay increase. This would not have been possible without Debbie's invaluable guidance and support.  I am forever thankful!
~Tina Dallas, Project Manager, New York Life

Shea DuPont:  I came to Debbie feeling lost at some sort of crossroads.  I was looking for change in one area of my life, however, my sessions with Debbie brought me clarity and love to other unexpected areas.  It is hard work - but not in a bad way.  I feel accomplished when I notice the changes in me, and it makes me smile.  When I am smiling, others are smiling around me.  I look forward to continued growth and working with Debbie in this empowering style of "self-help".
~Shea DuPont

Paul Stevenson:  While working with Debbie not only have I improved as a manager, but my entire staff has benefited from her tutelage. She has helped us improve in the areas of effective delegation, availability, and our hiring and performance review processes. Her ability to quickly process information and give meaningful and defensible advice is unparalleled. It was obvious she invested significant time behind the scenes to quickly become familiar with our business and processes. As a result, I have yet to challenge her with a topic that was outside her ability to provide meaningful and sound advice. I would highly recommend Debbie and her services to any business professional seeking growth and improvement for themselves and/or their organization. I have never regretted retaining her services and the return on my investment has been outstanding.
~Paul Stevenson, Partner, McCormick Stevenson

Susan Orneck:  "They" say when the time is right for change and your eyes, ears, and heart are open the teacher appears. That is precisely the time I started working with Debbie Lundberg. I have had the privilege of being a past and current client of Debbie’s ..both in group courses and on a one to one Life Coaching basis. She is positive, supportive and challenging … Debbie has assisted me through landmines of "stuff"... self-talk… doubts…excuses to a place that I call the "Other Side".
This "other side" is a safe place where I have learned with Debbie’s guidance to plant seeds for my legacy, establish strong personal and professional boundaries, self-acknowledgment and self-reward system. Looking forward to dedicated the forward of my book to "Team Lundberg"…an angel in business attire!
~Susan Orneck, Realtor

Rick Erickson:  Debbie was responsible for Leadership and Sales Development company-wide at a former company where I was the Senior Vice President, Sales & Operations.
Debbie’s strengths include building strong collaborative relationships with leaders within the company to assess personnel and developmental needs, and building training modules to improve individual and team performance.  She has outstanding presentation skills. Debbie was a key contributor in leadership personnel evaluations, identifying developmental needs for Sales Directors and personnel in all levels of sales and client service roles.  She developed core competencies and evaluation tools for all sales and service positions. Debbie’s a very quick study, has great attention to detail.  Debbie is a great asset to any organization.
~Rick Erickson, Director, CRI LLC

Keri Armstrong:  There are few people in the world whom you can always trust and depend on - Debbie is one of those precious few.  Through The University of Tampa's MBA Leadership Coaching Program, I was lucky enough to have Debbie as my coach.  She volunteers her valuable time to aid UT's MBA students in their leadership and career development. Debbie went above and beyond for me, as she does with all her mentees.  Debbie helped me update and perfect my resume, build my brand statement, write my bio, design my business card, embark on my career search and become a more organized and effective business professional overall. Thanks to Debbie, I feel well-prepared and more confident than I ever have to enter the professional world and begin my new career.  Without Debbie, I would have been lost.  I wish I could clone her so all of my classmates could have such a wonderful and dedicated leadership coach.  Thank you so much Debbie!
~Keri Armstrong, MBA

Donna Lancaster:  I contacted Debbie to assist me in transitioning in my work-to-life balance. She first helped us define the company and set qualities so we were able to successfully hire a person to take over many of my duties.  She partnered with the hiring process and has continually checked in on my progress. I have been trying to make this transition for several years and without Debbie, I am sure I would not be as far along as I am in the short amount of time we have worked together.  My goal was to be able to enjoy the holidays with family without being consumed with work and I am working toward that with Debbie's encouragement. She is an amazingly insightful person who gives of herself generously.  It goes without question that she is extremely qualified to identify problems and inspire individuals, as well as companies or groups.  Her energy and optimism are contagious. Debbie is an extremely valuable asset to my life.
~Donna Lancaster, Vice President, Johnson-Lancaster and Associates, Inc.

Debra Lombardozzi:  Debbie’s knowledge, enthusiasm, and attention to detail are wonderful!  She is able to inspire the creative spirit within each individual and/or business, show them success beyond their imagination, and hold them accountable to meet the goals they have set.  A great return on your investment! 
~Debra Lombardozzi, Life Coach

Amy Rotella:  Debbie Lundberg is a true inspiration and is a role model for putting positive and productive steps into action!  I have personally benefited from Debbie's books, which have addressed etiquette in the 21st century, and have had the privilege of being part of her social and business collaborations. Debbie possesses keen and direct leadership skills, while always motivating others to see and do their best.  Knowing Debbie has enriched my life, and I encourage others to actively incorporate her into their businesses and lives as it is a true gift and opportunity towards making aspirations come to full fruition. 
~Amy Rotella

Because how you present is how you are remembered!

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The Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg core competencies that drive the relationships as well as the outcomes include:

  • The ability to present on nearly any topic to most all groups with energy, inspiration, and fun through an attitude of "Edutainment", or combining both education and entertainment!
  • Bringing ideas, tips, tools & perspective, which provides a fresh & appropriate positioning for learning & growth!
  • Getting people to open up in an unusually fast amount of time and then being accountable while holding others accountable for/to results.
  • Demonstrating "Moxumility", meaning having the moxie to do something while coupling it with the humility to show respect and encourage learning.

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What is a Remote Work Rockstar?
Working remotely may be short-term; it may be long-term. Virtual work, off-site engagement, and/or remote work, regardless of what it is called, is something most are experiencing, have experienced, and/or will experience. It appears the vast world of being virtual is growing, and we want you to shine on that remote stage!
Since there are norms that develop in environments (in-person or otherwise), ensure your Virtual Work Etiquette is a Do and not a DON’T. Rockstars present professionally…whether with others in the same space or across miles or across the internet! Not a lot that stands true in our more traditional work doesn’t apply to the virtual environment, and yet sharing some guidelines with some anecdotes and leadership ideas, too, may clear up the questions that may be on your mind. While we may not see everyone a lot, or see them only as an image on a screen or screen name, each person deserves respect and consideration, so be engaged, stay active and energized, and join us on your journey to becoming a Remote Work Rockstar!

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