Watch Debbie's TED Talk: Be the KIND of Leader worth Following Here:

Debbie believes, knows, and lives being KIND:

K - Know thyself

I - Include others sincerely

N - Nudge past "nice"

D - Do something bigger than yourself

Her "Share Your Spare" story is included in the Amazon Bestseller, LIVING KINDLY!

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What? There are 2(two) TED Talks by Debbie Lundberg? Yes, and they are both here:

Who CAREs? Watch Debbie's TED Talk: Communication, Appreciation, Reciprocation & Expectations here!

It’s all part of the journey to contribute to 

“Reversing the Slobification of America”™!

Motivational Speaker, Public Speaking, Life Coach, Strategist, Facilitator

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"Partnering with individuals & organizations to enhance communication, behaviors & relationships."

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The Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg core competencies that drive the relationships as well as the outcomes include:

  • The ability to present on nearly any topic to most all groups with energy, inspiration, and fun through an attitude of "Edutainment", or combining both education and entertainment!
  • Bringing ideas, tips, tools & perspective, which provides a fresh & appropriate positioning for learning & growth!
  • Getting people to open up in an unusually fast amount of time and then being accountable while holding others accountable for/to results.
  • Demonstrating "Moxumility", meaning having the moxie to do something while coupling it with the humility to show respect and encourage learning.

Combine your drive and focus with a successful Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg collaboration, and look forward to change that will impact you (as well as those around you) in ways that will increase your confidence, pride, perspective, performance, presence...and the overall bottom line.

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Look to Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg to engage as a third-party expert with individuals, entrepreneurs, teams, groups, and organizations to share ideas, insights, facilitations, tools & processes for assessment, planning, action, accountability & results. This is the promise, mission, and commitment to all who invite Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg into their lives, teams, groups, organizations, and/or companies.

The business brand of "partnering with individuals and organizations to enhance communication, behaviors, and relationships", is proven with/through clients in the areas of Keynotes/Talks, Strategy/Facilitation, Teaming/Training, and Consulting/Coaching!

Debbie Lundberg TED Talk "Who CAREs?"
Amazon Bestseller Living Kindly Book

What is a Remote Work Rockstar?
Working remotely may be short-term; it may be long-term. Virtual work, off-site engagement, and/or remote work, regardless of what it is called, is something most are experiencing, have experienced, and/or will experience. It appears the vast world of being virtual is growing, and we want you to shine on that remote stage!
Since there are norms that develop in environments (in-person or otherwise), ensure your Virtual Work Etiquette is a Do and not a DON’T. Rockstars present professionally…whether with others in the same space or across miles or across the internet! Not a lot that stands true in our more traditional work doesn’t apply to the virtual environment, and yet sharing some guidelines with some anecdotes and leadership ideas, too, may clear up the questions that may be on your mind. While we may not see everyone a lot, or see them only as an image on a screen or screen name, each person deserves respect and consideration, so be engaged, stay active and energized, and join us on your journey to becoming a Remote Work Rockstar!

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Because how you present is how you are remembered!

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