Lundbergisms...what are Lundbergisms?

Have you ever heard something that really clicks for you? 

Do you like catchy phrases that make people think beyond the expression? 

Are there sayings out there that are small in word count, yet big in impact for you? 

A Lundbergism is all that...and more!  These simple considerations from the author are thought-provoking, (sometimes) humorous, and meant to get you thinking a little bit differently than before.
Imagine having some additional quotations, inspiration and ideas to ponder for fun and growth that add to conversations, presentations, and your overall outlook! 

You do have Lundbergisms! Here are a few (and a video for #1):


  1. There are only 4 reasons people do not do things in life: they 1) don't know, 2) don't know how, 3) don't have capacity, or 4) don't want to.  The "fixes" for these issues are 1) information, 2) training/coaching, 3) fair assessment, and 4) an attitude check (sometimes for you & not just them!).
  2. The difference in assumptions and expectations is communication.
  3. Strive for progress...not perfection.
  4. Things don't just happen TO us, they happen FOR us, and our challenge is to sort out which is which, and how to respond to each!
  5. Your impression does not begin when you see a person, it starts when that person sees you!
  6. Only boring people get bored...
  7. Well behaved children and animals are not, not, not  overrated!!
  8. While what you do is important and respected, what you do will not ever be as important as who you are, as you are now, and always will be, more than what you do for a living...
  9. An apology coupled with an excuse is simply, and sadly, just rationalization.
  10. "Moxumility" is demonstrating the moxie to do something, while coupling it with enough humility to go about it in a way that is respectful and encourages your "Moxumility"!​

The book 
Lundbergisms...Simple Considerations for Life & Leadership
(which includes those above, and many others)


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Debbie's Daily Do's:

  • Put deodorant on your feet to protect your shoes
  • When wearing sneakers or hiking shoes, put thick lotion on your feet under your socks for the "poor man's pedicure"
  • When wearing sneakers or hiking shoes, put something like vapor rub on your feet under your socks for the "poor man's pedicure plus" to heal small scratches and scrapes
  • Pin a safety pin or two in your dress, shirt, pants, etc. to have on you for any flukey clothing mishaps
  • Put cologne or perfume on a cotton ball and place it against your skin somewhere for continuous "good scents"
  • Use a moisturizing, anti-aging SPF each day out of the shower to soothe skin and protect you from the harmful rays when out an about
  • Go to bed within an hour of the same time each night, and become awake within an hour of the same time each morning to create a well-serving pattern/routine for you, your body, and your mind
  • Workout at the time you most want to, rather than when you hear it is best, as you will perform best under a desired time frame than a "supposed to" schedule
  • Replace ill-serving habits with something well-serving, as opposed to stopping "cold turkey", as we seek to replace rather than discontinue things
  • Make it a habit to speak, write, or send a sincere compliment each day to someone as well as yourself, to maintain a positive approach to life

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