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Reversing the Slobification of America”™ Tips!

Please submit it here, and if it is something not already in the list, and it gets used, 
you will be given credit for the idea on the website and in any other publications:

  1. Let people off a lift/elevator and out of a cab, train or any other form of transportation prior to attempting to get on it.
  2. If you are late for a group meeting or event (and I am not recommending it!), when you enter the room, be discrete, rather than calling out "Sorry I am late!".  You already interrupted once with your entrance, no need to do it again with your announcement.
  3. If you are taking photos, give a one, two, three or three, two, one count for those posing (if you want them to look ready and their best in your photos, that is!).
  4. If more than one person is taking photos, establish an order for taking those photos and stick with it, otherwise, people do not know where to look for the photo/flash, and often none of the photos look great.
  5. When exiting a room/event where there is a speaker when there is not a break, please be mindful of the noise you make walking and exiting and then hold or brace the door until it closes softly.  An added distraction of the "thump" of a door closing after you have left is not necessary!
  6. Put deodorant on your feet to protect your shoes...as well as those around you should you remove your shoes!
  7. When on a plane, let the person in the middle seat have the arm rest...they are in that middle seat, after all!
  8. If someone holds a door for you, grab the door, and thank the person, rather than gliding through it like the person is a doorman.
  9. Let your voicemail do what it is designed to do...stop answering your phone with "I'm going to have to call you back" or "I'm in a meeting" or "I'm with someone right now".
  10. Ensure your lip balm or gloss has an adequate SPF in it, otherwise, you may be slicking up your lips to attract the sun!
  11. Wear SPF even in your car...and reapply to whatever side is facing out (driver and passenger differ) so that you do not end up getting "burned" while driving or riding (yes, even if your windows are UV protected).
  12. When you approach your hotel room with your key, knock first and wait 10-15 seconds.  Someone may be in there with a key that works, too, and it will end far less awkwardly if they open the door and you resolve it instead of walking in on who knows what!!
  13. Put your phone on silent and away when at the table or in a face-to-face meeting with another human being.
  14. Blinkers are not special options on new-fangled vehicles, so please use them early and often!
  15. If you have rough or dry feet or hands with no vision of a pedicure or manicure in sight, slather the vaporized chest rub on your feet or hands and cover with socks while you sleep, and watch how not only are they softer, but the little cracks and crevasses have healed!  Plus, your sinuses will surely be clear as well!
  16. Resist saying "I don't care" when you really mean "whatever you prefer".
  17. Qualifying a compliment by adding "for being XYZ" (a girl, a guy, so young, over 40, new to a job, etc.) simply negates the compliment by qualifying it.
  18. Floss and trim nails in private.  
  19. Lipstick application at the table is okay as long as it does not require a mirror.
  20. If you give a book as a gift, write a note and sign it to the recipient, as it really connects you, the receiver, and the book.
  21. If you loan a book or any item to someone, put a return address label on it (or luggage tag if it is a really large item) so they can kindly return it to the rightful owner.
  22. When at a dinner of many people, remember "if less than 8, we wait" as a rule of thumb for when you eat after food is served.  If you are at a round of 10 or a long table of 8 or more, please do not let your cold food warm and your hot food cool while everyone is served...there is no need for that!
  23. Please stop taking my bread plate and water!  If you subtly make a circle with your thumb and index finger on both hands while the other fingers are extended upward, you will see a "d" on your right hand and a "b" on your left. Use these indicators to remind you that your drink (d) is to your right, and your bread (b) is to your left. 
  24. When in The United States of America, walk to the right, and pass on the left...this is true with running, biking, and that crazy dance we do when we "bump" into someone.  If you each shift slightly to your right, you will only "bump" once, and you can leave the dancing to the professionals!
  25. If you are sitting alone in a public place or a club where members are, put your mobile phone on silent.  You are not distracted, and if you are expecting a call, look for it.  The same is true for "texting conversations"...turn off your notifier...it sounds like an arcade game from the 1980's when you keep texting to someone and interrupting everyone else' real, in-person conversations!
  26. Resist asking someone at a club if they "belong", rather ask is she or he is a member...or how long they have been enjoying the club.
  27. Since cards are great, but children really don't often keep them, consider giving a book as your card with a gift for kids and be a part of that day with your gift, and the book for days, weeks or even years to come!
  28. If you have friends, family or colleagues visiting you and you go out, give them the seats with a view...you live there and can go back, but as the host, part of being thoughtful and a part of a memorable time is allowing the others to enjoy the best of the situation and places you visit.

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